Privacy Policy Last Updated Date: June 6, 2022 We have updated our Privacy Policy. In other clear changes, we have added more details about the information we collect and how it is used, for example, the collection of user content information, the use of data for verification and third party services ( Clarifications relating to sharing of data with third party services). Welcome to I Am View ("Platform"). Platform Riskkerry E-Commerce Limited. Provided by and controlled by them, their registered address is JB Road NH NO 65, Richkart HQ 331507 India (“I AM VIEW”, “WE” or “US”). We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This policy describes the way we deal with the personal data we collect from you or the personal data you provide to us. If you do not agree to this policy, you must not use the Platform. summary What information do we collect about you? We collect and process the information you provide when you create an account and upload content to the Platform. It contains technical and behavioral information regarding your use of the Platform. We collect information about you even if you download the App and interact with the Platform without creating an account. How will we use information about you? We use your information to provide you with the Platform and to improve and manage it. We use your information, among other things, to make suggestions in the For You feed, to improve and develop the Platform, and to ensure your safety. Where appropriate, we will also use your personal data to serve you targeted advertising and promote the Platform. With whom do we share your information? We share your data with third party service providers that help us provide the Platform, such as cloud storage providers. We also share your information with business partners, other I Am View group companies, content moderation services, solution providers, advertisers and analytics providers. When required by law, we will also share your information with law enforcement agencies or regulators and relevant third parties as mandated by a legally binding court. The types of personal data we use We collect and use the following information about you: Your profile information. When you register on the Platform, you provide us with information, including your username, password, date of birth (where applicable), email address and/or telephone number, information you disclose in your User Profile, and your picture Or include profile video. User Content and Behavioral Information. We set preferences (such as language choice), photos and videos that you upload or create, including your comments ("User Content"), that we create, import or upload to users through pre-loading. content, whether or not you choose to save or upload that User Content to recommend audio options and provide other personalized recommendations. If you apply an effect to your User Content, we may collect a version of your User Content that does not include the Effect. We may collect information about the images and audios that form part of your User Content, such as identifying visible objects and scenes, facial and body features and qualities, the nature of the audio, and your User Content The existence and space within the text of spoken words. We may collect this information for content moderation, for demographic classification, for content and advertising recommendations, and for special video effects for other non-personally-identifying tasks. With your permission, we may access content, including text, images and videos found in your device's clipboard. For example, if you initiate content sharing with a third-party platform, or choose to paste content from the clipboard into the I Am View app, we may access this information stored in your clipboard to fulfill your request. reach. We collect information through surveys, challenges and competitions that you participate in. We also collect information about your use of the Platform, for example, what you do on the Platform, including how you interact with the content we show, what ads and videos you watch, and what problems This includes what content you like, what content you save as 'My Favorites', who you follow, and how you connect with mutual followers. We also anticipate your preferences, including your interests, gender and age, for the purpose of personalizing the content. We do this for the purpose of promoting your content to other users and to find out if your profile presents more opportunities for collaboration.