Planetary gearbox, also known as planetary reduction box, is a mechanism in which multiple planetary gears rotate around a sun gear. It is also a mechanism that reduces the transmission speed ratio and at the same time increases the motor torque proportionally.

Characteristics of planetary gearboxes

Compared with similar ordinary gear boxes, planetary gearboxes have stable transmission, large bearing capacity, and large transmission ratio in a small space, especially the service life. If the gears are made of steel, the service life can reach 1000 years, small size and beautiful appearance .

At present, the planetary gearboxes on the market mainly have diameters: 16MM, 22MM, 28MM, 32MM, 36MM, 42MM, and when matched with motors, their functions can reach load torque: 50KG1-30W, load speed: 3-2000RPM.

planetary gearboxes

Advantages of planetary gearboxes

1. Small size, small weight, compact structure and large carrying capacity

Under the same load conditions, the outer dimensions and mass of the planetary gear transmission are about 1/2 to 1/5 of that of the ordinary gear transmission.

2. High transmission efficiency

Due to the symmetry of the planetary gear transmission structure, the reaction forces acting on the center wheel and the rotating arm bearing can balance each other, which is beneficial to improve the transmission efficiency. Generally, its efficiency value can reach 0.97~0.99.

3. The transmission is relatively large

In planetary gear transmissions that only serve as transmission motion, the transmission ratio can reach several thousand. Moreover, when the transmission ratio of planetary gear transmission is very large, it can still maintain many advantages such as compact structure, small mass, and small volume.

4. Smooth movement, strong resistance to shock and vibration

Since several planetary gears with the same structure are used, they are evenly distributed around the center wheel, so that the force on the planetary gear and the rotating arm can be balanced. At the same time, it also increases the number of teeth participating in meshing, so the movement of the planetary gear transmission is smooth, the ability to resist impact and vibration is strong, and the work is more reliable.

planetary gearboxes

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