Diablo 4 is a role-playing video game where players collect various materials, which are used for upgrading weapons and armor, crafting, refining resources, and more. As a Diablo 4 Items online store, we have compiled a list for you. This guide shows you everything you need to know about the materials and currencies found in Diablo 4.

Farming Legendary Weapons

To get your hands on legendaries with higher stat rolls, you’ll need to farm legendary weapons effectively. Diablo 4 offers several ways to farm these weapons, and discovering the most efficient method for your playstyle will help you gather the necessary legendaries for crafting.

The Occultist

Unlike your typical vendors who can craft or upgrade materials, the Occultist is quite unique, and here are all the services that the Occultist can provide to your character.

The Occultist provides the service to enhance your armor, which basically means that it gives you the option to modify the stats of your armor and excel in a specific category.

The Occultist also has the ability to craft Sigils occasionally, which are required if you wish to imprint Legendary Aspects on your gear.

Sigils are also required if you wish to access the Nightmare Dungeons and customize your character’s powers.


Craft Gem upgrades and socket them into your gear for a powerful stat increase.

Gems and jewelry return with the Jeweler in Diablo IV, allowing you to augment your gear with additional bonuses. Crafting and unsocketing gems and jewelry, upgrading jewelry, and even adding sockets to gear are part of the Jeweler’s arsenal, making them a crucial crafter to have at your side while facing down Lilith and her armies.


What can the blacksmith do?

On the one hand, the blacksmith in Diablo 4 does the usual job of the role-playing blacksmith, which is to repair and improve worn-out equipment, of course. On the other hand, the hammering craftsman also makes himself useful in that he transforms the supposedly useless junk you drag in into very common resources. In that sense, he turns … you know what, to gold. You’ll find out exactly how he does that in a moment.

Unlocking the Blacksmith

Once your character reaches level 10, you’ll get a quest that asks you to pay a visit to Zivek the Blacksmith in Kyovashad. Similar to the alchemist (you can read all about the potions prankster in this guide), Zivek’s quest begins with improving an item, in this case, a piece of equipment. After that, in addition to experience points, you also get his helping hand, that is, access to the blacksmith is open to you.

This is so important because your equipment loses a tenth of its durability with each of your deaths per se. If you don’t do anything about it and let the durability value drop to zero, the armor bonuses will be partially deactivated and you will be noticeably weaker. So it’s better to visit Zivek and other blacksmiths in the game world regularly.

That’s right, of course there are several forges in the Diablo 4 world. These become available automatically when you unlock Zivek, and can be found in abandoned fortresses, outposts and towns, for example.

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