Brushing lace wigs' hair is similar to brushing the hair of a feisty girl; since lace wigs are thought of as feisty girls, they need to be constantly cared for, caressed, and treated kindly. After wearing a wig, the hair will become tangled, particularly if the wig is made of rayon, and if you do not know how to comb it, it will cause your hair to fall out. This is especially true if the wig is made of synthetic fibers.

If you have a full HD lace wig as opposed to a transparent lace wig, then the wig will contain laces, but when the laces are removed from your head, only the edges will be visible. After two or three installations, it is possible that you will need to trim the thread by 0.01 millimeters, which is significantly less than the thickness of a contact lens. When you are first learning how to install an HD lace wig, it is important to avoid cutting too much of the lace. You are going to cut the unused thread, so please check that it is secure and that it has been cut in an acceptable manner. Then, after determining whether or not it is necessary, you will attach it using adhesive. Additionally, you will add some baby hair or bangs to your wig in order to make it appear more natural and realistic. To ensure that your lace closures, frontals, and wigs blend in as seamlessly as possible with your natural hair, be sure to select hair extension lengths that are proportionate to the length of your real hair.


When it comes to the process of making wigs, as you can see here, the material used is extremely dense


1.  Okay

2.  Therefore, when we're making wigs, we don't incorporate this into the front of the wig at all

3.  In most cases, it is applied everywhere around the nape band area, which is this area back here, in the crown, and possibly even up here at the top

4.  Is it clear that this does not belong in any other context

5.  So that's what we mean by opera lace

6.  It's possible that some people will refer to this as french lace

7.  Opera lace is the proper term for this type of lace used in wig making

8.  A base lace

9.  Is everything OK

10.  Then there is film lace, and with all the various types of laces, there are a variety of deniers of lace

11.  The lower the denier number, which indicates the greater number of threads per inch, the finer and more delicate the lace

12.  Therefore, something along these lines will have a higher denier, is that clear

13.  To clarify, what you're looking at is a piece of coated film lace that was made by Atelier Bassi

14.  Now that I live in the United States, I really hope I'm pronouncing that name correctly

To get straight to the point, what I have here and now is the fact that I sell lace on my website. This is the way it works out. This particular piece of lace is called opera lace, and it looks like this. I don't really want to take it apart and take it out of the cute little baggie there, so what I'm going to do is, I'm going to just open it up here, even though I've opened it before so that you can see, see it again, how thick that lace is. I hope that makes sense.

Now, what I'm going to do though, is I'm going to open up this HD lace, and I've been carrying this lace on my website for over a year now, for a couple of years now, and in fact, in the lace wig training system 2.0, I brought in an instructor from the United Kingdom whose name is Gemma Dillon. I'm going to open up this HD lace and I've been carrying this lace on my website for over a year now, Now, Gems was teaching cap construction in the class that she was in, and when she got to the front part of the wig, she used HD lace. However, when she used the HD lace, there was a very strategic thing that she did, when she used the lace. Are you okay? She did not simply slap the lace on as one would normally do, all right? Because of how weak this is, if I just took it here and tried to pull it, I would be able to tear it in with no effort at all. If you could feel it, it would be super. It's not like it's going to rip, but if I apply a little bit of force to it, it's going to rip and tear, and it's going to be a mess, all right?

However, due to the fact that it is so fragile, there is a strategic way to use this, and there is also a strategic way in which it is to be used when it is used. By folding it in half, they are able to give it a little bit more resilience than it would have otherwise had.

Now, I know what you're thinking, and I know that you're thinking, "Well, now that I fold it in half, it's going to be visible."Allow me to explain. Not only do you fold it in half, but when you do that and you get to the area around the hairline—because, as you probably already know, Hd lace front wigs is going to be used in either a frontal or a closure—you fold it in half again. When you reach the region around the hairline, you won't be folding that section over anymore. You are only going to pick up the lace on the very top layer as you ventilate, and you are going to cut away everything else that is underneath it, right? Okay, so I'm going to put this lace-up against my skin, and you're going to see how amazing it is, because it almost completely disappears on any skin, all right? Now that I'm seated here, I'm looking at the footage captured by my other camera over here, but I can't make out a thing. If I were to apply some adhesive to this, which is currently sitting on top, it would vanish entirely.

Now, you could even just tint this a little bit more lightly. If I were to apply a very slight tint to this, it would instantly become completely undetectable. But I want you to understand that when going back to this, this film lace right here, and comparing the two, even in terms of feel, I can tell that this is a heavier denier than this, but if I put the two up against each other, there is a difference, and you can see that difference. I want you to have that understanding. HD is high-definition lace that is used, typically in television and movies. It is not designed to be used on a piece that you are going to wear every single day because it is such a fine, fine, fine piece of lace and it can easily rip or tear. Hd lace front wigs are typically used in pieces that are going to be used in high definition. So what's probably being used, and there's no way for me to order a wig from all of these vendors that are saying they're using HD lace, there's no way for me to do that, but in my mind, what's probably being used is just finer denier or thinner denier of film lace.

This is because there's no way for me to order a wig from all of these vendors that are saying they're using HD lace. Not true HD lace.




If you double the HD lace, it will last a little bit longer but will still be extremely fragile. Hd lace front wigs is not durable enough to be used on a wig that you wear every day unless you double it.