The era of science and technology is changing people's daily lives, and the emergence of sweepers has also been widely used in life. The use of the sweeper makes our hygiene and cleaning easier and saves us time in hygiene and cleaning. So how should we improve the working efficiency of the sweeper? Below, Dongzheng Motor will introduce to you how to correctly maintain the DC brushless motor of the sweeper during use.

Introduction to brushless DC motor of sweeping machine

1. The motor is undoubtedly the heart of the smart sweeper. The quality of the motor affects the operation of the smart sweeper to a considerable extent. Carbon brush motors and brushless DC motors are currently widely used. With the development of technology, , brushless DC motors are gradually being used by more and more manufacturers.

2. Compared with the carbon brush motor sweeper, the friction of the brushless DC motor of the sweeper is greatly reduced when the machine is running, and the loss of the machine is also reduced accordingly. Without friction, the noise is also reduced, reducing the interference to humans. The operation is relatively smooth and the service life is 5 times that of ordinary sweepers.

Whether it is the maintenance of a carbon brush motor or a brushless DC motor, we must avoid using it for too long, which will cause the motor to heat up and overdraw the life of the motor. After all, smart sweepers are precision machines that do meticulous work, and at the same time Cleaning a room requires a lot of work for each room. Smart sweepers are mainly aimed at daily maintenance, such as dust, pet hair, etc. Don't think that smart sweepers are omnipotent, they also need proper rest.

brushless DC motor of sweeping machine

Maintenance methods of brushless DC motor of sweeping machine

1. The side brushes and roller brushes need to be cleaned in time: If not cleaned in time, the brushless DC motor of the sweeper will be subject to greater torque due to the higher load, causing the motor to heat up. If the situation is not serious, it will only increase the battery load and affect the battery life. If it is serious, it will directly burn the motor.

2. Avoid high temperatures: After all, household sweepers are electrical appliances. As long as they are electrical appliances, they will be afraid of high temperatures. It is best to avoid using household sweepers at very high room temperatures and try to use them when the ambient temperature is below 35 degrees. In an environment exceeding 60 degrees, the battery will quickly swell and become scrapped. Even though the brushless DC motor of the sweeper can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees, long-term high temperatures will affect the life of the motor. In summer, you should avoid placing household sweepers on balconies and other places to avoid exposure to the sun.

3. Avoid sucking and sweeping flammable garbage: You should avoid sweeping with a sweeper when sucking flammable objects such as matches and lighters. This will cause the brushless DC motor of the sweeper to heat up and avoid causing a fire.

4. Avoid use in places that are too humid: If used in a humid environment, it can easily affect the operation of the internal brushless DC power supply or other parts of the sweeper.

Improving our understanding of the sweeper can help us. Maintaining the sweeper during use can also extend its service life and improve its work efficiency. I hope that the introduction of Dongzheng Motor can give everyone a new understanding of brushless DC motors for sweeping machines, and make sweeping machines more valuable to us.

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