The structure of the planetary gearbox is a mechanism in which multiple planetary gears rotate around a sun gear. It is also a mechanism that reduces the transmission speed ratio and increases the motor torque proportionally. So how can we make the planetary gearbox more durable? Let' s take a look.

How to extend the service life of planetary gearbox?

First of all, when selecting a planetary gearbox, we should select a suitable reducer strictly according to the load size and output speed. If the load is too large, the gear will work at full load for a long time and its natural life will not be long.

Secondly, after using it for a period of time, we need to observe it from time to time, such as whether there are abnormal noises, reduced speed, or other situations. At this time, we should consider whether there is an internal problem. After using it for a period of time, if you find that the temperature of the planetary gearbox is too high or the rotation is not very smooth, you need to determine whether the gear is worn or if lubricating oil needs to be added.

Finally, when installing the planetary gearbox, it is best to follow a smooth, shock-absorbing, and stable support structure.

planetary gearbox

Gearbox inspection contents

(1) Visually inspect the appearance of the gearbox to confirm that there is no impact deformation or oil leakage in the gearbox. If oil stains are found on the surface of the gearbox, make judgments based on the following conditions:

a. If the axle gearbox is filled with too much oil, it may cause oil leakage. When a leak occurs, check the oil level first.

b. A few oil droplets at the labyrinth seal of the gearbox are normal and are not serious and should be observed continuously.

c. There are oil droplets on the gear box. If there is leakage in the gear box, more detailed inspection is required.

(2) Visually confirm that the C-shaped bracket, bolts and rubber nodes are not loose or damaged.

(3) Visually confirm that the gearbox oil level is between the highest line and the bottom line through the oil level observation hole. If it does not meet the standard, visually check the sealing status of both sides of the input end and output end of the gearbox to confirm that there is no obvious leakage. phenomenon, add lubricating oil to the standard range of the oil level gauge.

(4) The EMU has been put into operation for 20,000 kilometers and has its first oil change.

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